Our Family

“When our hearts follow their true destiny, and we continue to discover our true purpose and passion; something changes inside of us. 

As small family from Prepotto producing soulful, genuine organic wines; we feel part of something greater than ourselves and we preserve this great passion for the next generations”

Tanika Paris-Lenuzza

The Team


Daniele is the whole package!
He is a visionary, a creator and an influencer. His exceptional talent and deep-rooted passion for wine making is rare and unique. He is constantly in creative mode.

Daniele is
Wine Maker 100%


Tanika is passionate about business.
She has an astounding ability to recognize opportunities and the most extraordinary skill to grow into change.

Tanika is
Business lover 100%


Gianpaolo’s love for our land is demonstrated by his self-motivated, strong work ethic. Dependability, patience and a positive attitude are his key skills. But, above all, he is a big family man and loves to gather together!

Gianpaolo Lenuzza is
Big family man 100%

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Luna Lenuzza

You can find her observantly roaming around the cellar, or galloping after butterflies in the vineyards. Luna is more than just a winery dogShe is our unofficial vineyard manager, our customers’ enthusiastic welcoming committee, our proud mascotte and a special part of our family.

Just like our winemaker, Daniele, Luna’s favourite time of the year is harvest; but we have a feeling its because she gets to steal a few grapes for herself.

Vigna Lenuzza S. Agr. S.

Via Brolo 51 33040,
Prepotto (UD) · Italia

Cell. Daniele +39 346 3352205

Export Manager :
Cell. Tanika +39 371 334 9078

P.I. e C.F. 02859710309